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For those that no me, I have always been into sports, working out and eating! As I grew up I never realized how important diet was. I played soccer 5 times a week along with volleyball, basketball, skiing, snowboarding track and field etc. There wasn’t a sport I didn’t do or play. I was able to eat whatever whenever. But it all caught up to me when I started university and hitting the books everyday also took away from the amount of time I spent doing some of my physical activities. I also realized I needed to work part time to keep up with my lavish lifestyle which also took away from being active. Along with taking away things I used to do, I added things like partying, drinking, sleeping less and eating after the drinking, I mean wasnt university all about partying? lol As a result I gained weight! I didn’t realize when it was all happening but when I looked at pictures I was disgusted by my “chunkyness”that’s when I started to hit the gym. I would go everyday and I also leaned towards unhealthy dieting sometimes starving myself to lose weight. Very unhealthy but I did lose weight. I went from 138lbs to 113! I was happy but unhealthy. It was way to hard to live a life hardly eating so I decided I would eat healthy, whole grains, whole wheat, dairy, sweeteners instead of sugar etc. Basically the 5 important food groups and add to my workout regime. Yes I gained weight but I was healthy again. After a few years of that and getting to the point where I’m at now, I feel like my body has plateaued and that is the ultimate reason why I am trying something new- the paleo diet! Although I am comfortable with how my body looks now, I believe there is always room for improvement and with the added health benefits of this diet I felt why not!? I have been reading so many books and articles on the paleo lifestyle and I am totally inspired by the science behind paleo and all the success stories I’ve read from real people! I can’t wait to see where this challenge takes me. I have posted a pic to show where I am at today and I hope to see some changes in the next few months, stay tuned! 

Thanks for reading! ❤️ 



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