The struggle is real! 

So a lot of people told me that this “diet” or lifestyle would be expensive and I thought to myself, how bad could it really be? Now, I’m actually starting to get a real glimpse of it! 

As the weeks go on, I keep finding new things I want to try. I think I have screenshots of about 100 different food ideas or things I’ve seen on social media  that have intrigued me. So I decided that on my days off I would venture out in hopes I’d find these and let me tell you… My mind had entered a whole new world! 

Has anyone ever heard of the store Ambrosia natural foods? Well I stepped foot into that store for the first time this past weekend and I feel like a changed woman! I was like a kid in a candy store, I spent 2 full hours in this store and trust me I could have spent longer. I was amazed by all the amazing natural products they had, some even labeled “paleo approved” I was in shock! I literally wanted to buy everything and of course nothing in this store was cheap. As I strolled though the store with my grocery cart, I managed to pick up several things. I was just so excited to try everything. But when I got to the counter to pay, I thought to myself…ok realistically I’m not going to eat all this food. So I ended up putting some things back. The thing with buying organic and natural foods, the shelf life is much less than processed foods so if you don’t plan on eating or cooking it right away then forget it. Although I put some things back, I still managed to spend a good amount of coin. Given the current economic situation, I really don’t know how people afford to eat this way? I keep whispering that one prevailing thought to myself… Your body is your temple and you only have one to live in. So I guess it goes without saying, you want to stay healthy and give your body the best of the best then there is going to be a price to pay! Afterall you are what you eat! ❤️


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