About Me

So… I’ve decided I wanted to lead a paleo lifestyle! Why might you ask? Well, there are many reasons: 1) I am the type of person who is always looking to better my self- I have been reading about all the benefits of leading a paleo lifestyle and truly believe I can become much more healthier, look better and feel better leading this type of lifestyle 2) I’m always up for a challenge- I’m the type of person who constantly needs to be stimulated. This diet will help me learn a new way of living and yes it will be challenging as I am so used to living a certain lifestyle already but I’m definitely up for the challenge and feel that 30 is the perfect age to take on a new lifestyle 3) I often feel sluggish-I read about many people and their success stories on how this diet has helped them gain alot more energy and feel happy 4) I often feel bloated- I read about how certain foods such as grains, legumes, dairy and processed foods can all negatively impact your digestive system so I thought why not try this approach 5) I love working out- I’ve read about so many athletes who live by this diet. Not only do they gain more strength and endurance but also they were able to get in the best shape of their lives following this. I’m at the point were I have been working out for many years and eating healthy but my body just seems to plateau, another reason why I am interested is trying this out. 

Well there you have it! I know people will either agree or disagree with this approach but to each their own. I’ll be posting fabulous meals, books, recipes, progress pics and other fun posts to hopefully track my progress and inspire others to lead this healthy paleo lifestyle just as I have! 
Hope you enjoy! Cheers to 2016 a better you! -Nikki


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